Perfect For A Walk Around Paris

rentree 03

Incredibly stylish, fashion forward and simply styled in such an elegant way.  Alix Cherry never disappoints with her outfit posts!

The ASOS socks or over the knee nylons are my favorite part. Inspiration X ‘s three on this one.

Finally completed so much more of my decorating to do list, I’ve been crossing them off feverishly.  I’ll take more pics this weekend and share. Finishing up is the best part, ya know, when it all starts to come together. Right?

Hope everyone has had a great week so far, if not, well hell it’s Friday tomorrow, so it’s about to get better!

rentree 04

rentree 02


Shoes : Asos

Tshirt : Asos

Skirt : Zara

Socks : Asos

Bag : Mulberry

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