Be Inspired Everyday! (How to and How not too)

Blair from Atlantic Pacific blog shows how great Missoni can look! Fabulous!!!

Another look at Missoni’s elegance

Never ever do this!

How NOT To Wear YOUR Missoni For Target


With so much chitter chatter in the last week about Missoni’s new Target line, I felt I had to put in my two cents.  If you have followed my blog for awhile now you KNOW it’s all about the glamour! Like yesterday’s post, Ralph Lauren’s S/S 2012 collection, it’s all about ME. If I were fortunate enough to be a designer, my line would be quite similar.

OK, so back to Missoni. WTH is what I think. Honestly only a slight resemblance to the originals. And the resemblance is not flattering. I’m over it, soooo over it. And the more I see it, the more I dislike it!

Case in point in the pictures above, Blair from Atlantic-Pacific blog shows how fabulous Missoni can look when you accessorize it properly. Missoni has so much glamour and sophistication in their styles. And by parterning with Target, they LOST it all.

The lesson to take away from this is, “less expensive isn’t always better.”  Save up or create your own based on an inspiration of your favorite designer. Case in point, I am not running out to buy this Ralph Lauren style anytime soon (pictured below,)  trust me! But I will be buying a beautifully crafted white elegant sweater and pairing it with this year’s must have wide pants, entirely white of course and accessorizing with silver.

Be inspired everyday!


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